January 18, 2024

In a bold move towards a sustainable future, MINI recently announced a significant investment of over £600 million in its factories at Oxford and Swindon. This investment marks a pivotal moment in MINI's journey towards full electrification. Plant Oxford, in particular, will play a vital role in this transformation, as it gears up to produce two brand-new all-electric MINI models from 2026. By 2030, the plant will exclusively manufacture electric vehicles, securing jobs and contributing to the UK economy. Let's delve deeper into this exciting development and explore the impact it will have on both the automotive industry and the local community.

Plant Oxford: A Driving Force

Plant Oxford has always been at the heart of MINI's history and the local community. Celebrating its 110th anniversary this year, the plant has been a driving force in the production of fully-electric vehicles in the UK. In fact, over half of all electric vehicles manufactured in the country in 2022 were built in Plant Oxford. The sheer scale of production is impressive, with over 3,400 skilled employees and apprentices crafting up to 1,000 MINIs per day. That's equivalent to one MINI rolling off the production line every 67 seconds. The plant currently produces the MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door, MINI Clubman, and the MINI Electric, which was introduced in 2019.

To further enhance its capabilities, Plant Oxford will undergo key improvements, including the expansion of the body shop and the establishment of a new battery installation area. Additionally, logistics facilities will be built at both the Oxford and Swindon sites. These enhancements will ensure that the plant is fully equipped to meet the demands of producing the next generation of MINI vehicles.

For those interested in witnessing the manufacturing process first-hand, a tour of Plant Oxford is highly recommended. It offers a unique opportunity to step into the world of MINI and gain insights into the craftsmanship and innovation behind these iconic vehicles.

The Countdown Begins

The future looks brighter than ever for Plant Oxford as it prepares to welcome a new generation of MINI models. From 2024, the plant will commence production of the brand-new MINI Cooper 3-door and MINI Cooper 5-door. These models will be followed by the introduction of the all-electric MINI Cooper and MINI Aceman in 2026. With an annual production target of up to 200,000 MINIs, the plant will seamlessly accommodate the manufacturing of both electric and petrol models on the same production line. This integrated approach demonstrates MINI's commitment to maximising efficiency without compromising on quality.

By 2030, Plant Oxford will exclusively produce all-electric MINIs, marking a significant milestone in the company's transition towards full electrification across its entire fleet. This ambitious goal aligns with MINI's vision of a sustainable future and a commitment to reducing carbon emissions in the automotive industry.

Greening the Plants

Sustainability lies at the core of MINI's operations in Oxford and Swindon. The company continuously explores opportunities to reduce its carbon footprint and promote the responsible use of resources. One notable initiative is the installation of solar panels on the roof of Plant Oxford. Covering an area equivalent to five football pitches, this solar farm is one of the largest in the UK. It generates enough electricity to power approximately 850 homes and reduces carbon emissions by an estimated 1,500 tonnes annually. This significant investment in renewable energy showcases MINI's dedication to environmental stewardship.

Milan Nedeljković, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for production, expressed his pride in the Oxford and Swindon plants, highlighting their pivotal role in the BMW Group's transition to electromobility. The investment in the Oxford plant will pave the way for the production of the new generation of electric MINIs, setting the stage for a future of purely electric car manufacturing.


MINI's substantial investment in its factories at Oxford and Swindon signifies a major step towards a sustainable and electrified future. Plant Oxford, with its rich history and expertise, will exclusively produce electric vehicles by 2030, while also manufacturing a wide range of MINI models in the interim period. The plant's expansion and improvements will ensure that it remains at the forefront of automotive innovation and provides valuable employment opportunities. As MINI leads the charge towards all-electric vehicles, the automotive industry and the local community can anticipate a greener and more sustainable future.

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